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"...this book that you hold in your hands is so vital to the future of findability."

--Peter Morville, Information Architect

When Search Meets Web Usability
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Who should read this book?

The short answer is everyone. Why? Because, chances are, if you work on the web you have an influence on your web site’s search and usability success and that impacts your company’s revenue. So yes, everyone, really.

With that said, website usability professionals are the primary audience. A close second is search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. Both search and usability professionals will be able to apply the learning’s of When Search Meets Web Usability immediately. Other web professionals, including just about anyone else who works on a website, will benefit from the lessons inside as well.

  • About the book
    You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover. That’s what the Table of Contents is for.

  • About the authors
    This is Shari Thurow’s second book. She also wrote the original search engine optimization book, Search Engine Visibility, now in its second edition.

    This is Nick Musica’s first book. He’s been marketing and managing websites since 1999. He also guest lectures at New York University (NYU).

  • Bonus materials
    Get spreadsheets for computing the effectiveness of your search usability and SEO initiatives from Chapter 7. Section also includes links and resources cited in the book.

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