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When Search Meets Web Usability Contributors

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Anne Kennedy, SEO Technical Editor

Anne Kennedy, SEO Technical Editor - photoInternational marketing pathfinder and branding fire-starter, Anne is President of Outlines Venture Group, which mentors scalable Internet startups, and presents women’s leadership events worldwide. Anne co-hosts the weekly “CEO Coach” on Webmasterradio.fm with Gillian Muessig.

A marketing industry veteran, Anne led Beyond Ink from 1997 to 2013, aiding the budding search engine marketing industry, working with Hearst Newspapers, Philips Lifeline, Dunkin' Donuts, Gillette, and launching dot-coms Zillow and Avvo, among hundreds of other companies.

She formed the largest worldwide online marketing network for multi-national marketing and co-authored the first book on international digital marketing, Global Search Engine Marketing (Pearson, 2012). A founding member of the board of directors for Helium.com, acquired by RR Donnelly in 2012, she is on the advisory board of Synqy Corp and served for five years as advisor to the SES Conferences.

John Sorflaten, Usability Technical Editor

John Sorflaten, Usability Technical Editor - photoJohn accumulated 20 years of consulting and teaching experience with the largest worldwide user-interface consulting firm, Human Factors International (HFI). He taught hundreds of courses supporting certification as a Usability Analyst since the inception of the program at HFI. Since 1992 John has been a Certified Professional Ergonomist, the top professional certification for usability. He fills demands as a public speaker, writer, and innovator in social-web and rich interface applications. Find out more about John at www.sorflaten.com.

Ron Leishman, Illustrator/Cartoonist

Ron has worked as an illustrator for over 20 years. His work has appeared in greeting cards, magazines, and newspapers, where he worked as an editorial cartoonist for a number of years. With the advent of the Internet, Ron moved to the web in 1996 with his site Toonaday.com, for which he has drawn a daily cartoon for the past 13 years and to which he continues to contribute on a daily basis. Recently he has expanded his offerings with another website called www.toonclipart.com.

Francois Roux, Cover Photographer

Francois Roux focuses his photography on nature, particularly in Central Park in New York City. Living in New York has provided him the unique opportunity to photograph natural settings and then to step immediately into an urban landscape of unique and historic architecture. His pictures of France have often focused on black and white images of the mountains of Hautes Alpes, the region of southeastern France where he was raised. Find out more about Francois' beautiful and stunning photography at francois-roux-photography.com.

Peter Morville, Foreword

Peter Morville - photoPeter Morville is president and founder of Semantic Studios, an information architecture (IA), user experience, and findability consultancy. Peter is a renknowned expert in the discipline of information architecture, and he is an advocate for the critical roles that search and findability play in defining a positive user experience.

Peter is also the co-author of the reknowned book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, author of Ambient Findability and Search Patterns.

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